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Kurk/Kirk/Kurt, Yorkshire, nearly 18. Genderfluid, female pronouns are fine or they/their/theirs.

I love Naya Rivera (pre-Big Sean), Heather Morris, Brittana, Faberry, cats, heavy metal, Lady Gaga and LGBTQ pride.

I don't like Glee but, c'mon, who in the Glee fandom actually does like it?

This blog is NOT Big Sean, Bigvera, Dantana and Klaine friendly. You've been warned.


When I am at Sixth Form I look around at all of the people who simply cannot think of themselves who are beautiful, who hate themselves and want to hurt themselves.

Those are the people who tell others they are beautiful, convince others to love themselves and to not hurt themselves.

That’s about 95% of the fucking people who are there, out of around 500.

That’s a lot of people.

And I sometimes think of how amazing that actually is.

Of how they put others before themselves.

And how they think they are the only person who does that.

When really… Almost all of us do and we all know exactly how one another feels.

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